Our 20 years of experience allows us to guarantee high quality of services. We treat each order as a challenge and approach it individually. When preparing the designs of machines and devices, we consider all available technical and organizational possibilities. Designing is preceded by a detailed development of proven and reliable technical solutions, while taking into account economic aspects. We design and manufacture, in particular, machines, devices, tools, punches, dies, technological lines, industrial fencing, troughs and cable ducts.


We offer comprehensive commercial cooperation in the field of maintenance technology and drive transmission elements, in particular bearings for industry, automotive and agriculture, and associated products, i.e. bearing housings, withdrawal and adapter sleeves, bearing nuts and washers, drive belts and pulleys, chains and wheels chains, bearing greases, geared motors, industrial couplings. Our wide assortment is the perfect base for manufacturers of machinery and equipment as well as for maintenance departments. We provide technical support at every stage.


We can offer comprehensive and comprehensive solutions to improve the circulation of materials and products in the production area. Starting from a simple trolley for details, through devices supporting the work, and ending with advanced manipulators and conveyors. Efficiency and fluidity within a production line or station are often key issues for the development and production capabilities of the company, which directly translate into the timely execution of orders and the company's profit. Properly selected elements of logistics minimize the duration of technological processes and increase productivity.

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We are a proven manufacturer of comprehensive solutions for plastic processing of pipes. We design and manufacture machines from scratch for the implementation of technological processes, during which it is required to act on the treated metal with a sufficiently large external force, as a result of which, thanks to the permanent deformation of the metal (plastic deformation), we obtain its desired permanent shape without destroying the material being processed. These are, among others, grooving machines, extruders, injection molding machines, profiling machines, decoilers, punching machines and rolling mills. Our machines are perfect for the chimney industry and the widely understood technology of sheet metal processing.


We offer design and production of details to order, the implementation of individual and wholesale orders. Often, the purchase of a new machine to perform one order becomes completely unjustified economically. Having technical capabilities and engineering facilities, we can undertake non-standard orders, which require us to design a specialized device or device and adapt it in our machine park. We have the means, possibilities, predisposition and willingness to do so. Additionally, we like challenges and we approach each inquiry flexibly and professionally, leaving no unanswered answer.


We search, renew, modernize, automate, renovate, test, install and guarantee efficiency. We can offer you help, purchase and comprehensive service support for used machines, devices and tools. We have also been cooperating for many years with suppliers and manufacturers of new machines and devices from various industries. We are the only and necessary stage between the willingness to purchase and finalization. We have the appropriate facilities, equipment, authorizations, qualifications, experience and skills. We support, advise and help at every stage of cooperation.


We specialize in the optimization and automation of technological processes in production sectors in order to increase efficiency, efficiency and quality. We design and construct devices, tools, machines, instruments for specific requirements of a given technological process or production cycle. We do everything ourselves - think, design, construct, build, assemble, test, pack, install, train, and finally - shake hands. We have completed projects such as CNC drills, door handles, door sill machines, window conveyors, glass saws, automatic saw gauges and countless equally interesting topics.


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